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Grilled potatoes

Grilled potatoes

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Recipe Grilled Potatoes of on 07-08-2020 [Updated on 07-08-2020]

The grilled potatoes they are a very tasty side dish that I saw here and I could not try immediately. Yes, because the nice thing about this recipe is that the cooking is unique, the potatoes should not be boiled first as is usually done in these cases: could I never try them? And well I did, because the result is a decidedly captivating side dish, with those thin slices of potatoes that become crunchy on the outside and remain soft inside ... In short, this recipe turned me on the summer!
Just a couple of suggestions: first of all I suggest you cook the potatoes in their skins (so don't do it with old potatoes, you need the ones with a thin skin), as this will give an extra crunchy note to yours. grilled potatoes; then, place them on the grill dripping with water and you can also vary the aromas as you prefer (sage, paprika, curry, garlic powder, thyme, chives ...). Last but not least: I advise you to overdo the portions a bit, because one leads to another like cherries;)


How to make grilled potatoes

Wash the potatoes very well under running water, without peeling them, then dry them and cut them into thin slices (maximum 1 cm thick, no more) and put them in a bowl with water for 30 minutes.
Heat a plate, grill or non-stick pan very well over high heat, without adding oil, and cook the potatoes, about 4 minutes per side.

Once cooked, arrange the potatoes on a plate and season with salt, oil and rosemary.

The grilled potatoes are ready, serve them immediately.

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